Our Story

GUIDE Organization is a Non-governmental, Non-political, Non-religious, and Non-profit Organization based in the city of Erbil, Iraq, operating actively in all the cities and villages of Kurdistan. It works to provide unique health coverage for everyone; regardless of race, color, religion, and cultural background. GUIDE Organization aims to give health awareness to different parts of the community and involves every aspect of life associated with health by performing distinct practical projects & programs. Since its establishment, GUIDE Organization led many health projects like health awareness to avoid non-communicable and infectious diseases.

What we do


• Promote awareness of health care among all sections. • Promote research in the field of Health and Hospital Management, in order to improve the efficiency of healthcare delivery systems. • Improving the health of populations. • Better care for individuals. • Aims for gender equity and youth engagement. • Lower cost through improvement.

Our mission

Our Mission is to improve healthcare, raise awareness, and develop programs for the Kurdistan community. The Guide Organization attempts to create places for discussion where issues may be raised and resolved. Fostering societal understanding and cooperation is another mission of the guide organization.

Our vision

Further psychological development and relief of citizens, especially those at risk and more exposed to psychologically disruptive factors such as war and crises. Work to strengthen emergency health services and keep people away from preventable chronic diseases. Implementation of projects related to emergency health and mental services and taking advantage of international organizations and attracting them, in order to bring maximum benefit to the Kurdish individual and the health sector in Kurdistan. Take advantage of the experience of developed countries and reuse them after the change and adapt them to strengthen and improve the health sector.