Vet and Pet is a festival and a health project held at the international veterinary day at the end of April 2023 in Sami Abdulrahman Park - Erbil. The Vet and Pet Festival aim to raise health awareness about the healthiness of pets and birds; Guide organization founded and arranges the project. PET and VET Festival, via unique panels, will present special topics. It will be a great festival that gathers all people who love pets, such as veterinarian doctors, agricultural specialists, veterinarian engineers, and all animal caregivers (pets and birds). Meanwhile, the festival will form a show for all kinds of pets and birds that attract visitors. Although the festival's focus is on health awareness, at the same time, there are a lot of entertainment activities, such as music, dance, and singing. With entertainment works, visitors will enjoy a great time watching the pets and birds. Vet and Pet Festival will perform various activities and wants to announce the role of those who did great work in the field by saving and helping pets and birds; the festival will appreciate their career. In addition, veterinarian doctors and animal mates have started hard work to help pets; in this festival, we show their active role.

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